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Gainesville, FL Lawyers: Experienced Litigators

On an annual basis, we successfully try, litigate, and settle numerous contract disputes at the domestic and international level for a variety of fields such as construction and real estate, consulting, entertainment, finance, manufacturing, media and entertainment, technology, and medical. Our team of business law attorneys in Gainesville, FL, regularly take on important legal disputes involving contracts of great significance to our large number of business clients. However, we are usually able to resolve the dispute outside of the trial setting with a motion or settle on desirable terms for our client.

Business Disputes

Can a business sue another business? Of course. Business to business disputes make up a large portion of civil lawsuits. Most often, breach of contract, open account, or account stated are the causes of action. Open account and account stated claims apply to situations where businesses have an on going relationship of transactions and an unpaid balance exists. In other words, there may not necessarily be one contract, but more of a series of contracts or purchase orders for which payment is past due. Other disputes can include unfair competition, interference with a contract, interference with a business relationship, professional negligence or professional malpractice. As a whole, these types of law fall into a category known as business litigation or commercial litigation. The contract litigation attorneys at FBSW have experience handling business disputes and commercial litigation cases. To discuss your situation, schedule a consultation to determine what type of legal action, if any, may assist your business in resolving an issue that is damaging your bottom line.

Contract Disputes

Breach of contract actions are one of the most common types of civil disputes. They can occur between individuals, businesses, or between a business and an individual. Sometimes, contracts between two parties have an intended third party beneficiary that may have rights if one party breaches the contract. The attorneys at FBSW have experience dealing with many types of contract disputes. The most common mistake clients make is waiting too long to consult an business law attorney. Sometimes, serious disputes and litigation can be avoided if a party seeks legal advice at the  first sign of trouble. Contracts can be modified, terminated, or otherwise renegotiated to protect legal interests before it’s too late. The attorneys at Warner Sechrest & Butts are able to draft contracts, review contracts, revise contracts, and litigate contract disputes.

Our Approach

Our strategic approach generally starts with a case assessment which is comprised of fact gathering, preliminary legal research, and an in-depth analysis of the contract. This often requires an interview of the business administrators responsible for the negotiation and administration of the contract, as well as working with the client to obtain relevant documents and information. We also scan the "back end" of the contract for provisions which may influence the legal process. This may include whether a dispute will go to mediation, arbitration or court, which party is responsible or entitled to court fees, and if any alternative solutions are available in the agreement. Our Gainesville law firm is highly qualified at obtaining the important information required to resolve a case while avoiding setbacks to our clients' businesses. Sometimes we may only need to negotiate settlements and advise our clients, but we are fully capable of successfully litigating issues in a trial setting.

Pre-Litigation and Risk Management

As a result of our comprehensive experience with contract litigation we are often asked to review contracts for our clients as a litigation assessment or risk management tool. This allows our clients to improve their contractual standing prior to negotiation of the final contract. In the modern day, contract disputes can influence the long-term survival of a company so it is essential that any potential complications are addressed prior to the final negotiation and signing.