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Real Estate Law is a broad topic that includes may types of issues. Our attorneys handle almost every type of real estate transaction and dispute. Our real estate attorney in Gainesville, FL can represent you in court, arbitration and mediation with respect to real estate disputes. We can also handle real estate closings, both commercial and residential, and provide you with the expertise during due diligence periods. Our attorneys also prepare homeowner’s association documents, condominium association documents, association by-laws, as well as structure the corporate entities necessary to govern the associations.

Real Estate Services Include, but are not limited to:

  • Contract drafting and review
  • Residential and commercial closings
  • Escrow services
  • Condominium and HOA documents
  • Real Estate dispute mediation
  • Real Estate litigation
  • Non-disclosure disputes
  • Landlord tenant disputes
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Agent / Broker commission disputes

Transactional matters

Purchasing or selling property is one of the most important transactions for an individual or firm, and it is essential that you have a skilled lawyer who is able to protect your investment and financial interests. Our real estate attorneys are very knowledgeable in all affairs relating to preparing residential and commercial real estate contracts and leases. Our attorneys are also experienced with clients that convert rental properties into condominiums and are able to efficiently counsel our clients through this process. Many landlords are unaware of the weaknesses in their leases until it is too late. Our experts are both able to review existing documents so you can make preventative changes to the agreement or protect your legal rights and property in the event of a dispute.


Sometimes a tenant will breach part of their leasing agreement, and in such a case the landlord should contact a lawyer that can protect their financial interests and property. The longer it takes to resolve a situation, the risk losing more time, property value, and money greatly increases. Usually it is ideal to negotiate directly with the tenant but when such negations fail it is important to have an experienced lawyer at hand when filing an eviction to minimize losses. Our real estate lawyers are also specialized in ownership disputes, and are able to review deeds, titles, and probates to prevent discrepancies or assist our clients in taking the necessary steps to correct such matters and minimize losses.

Buying, selling, and leasing properties requires a remarkable level of legal detail. We are focused on providing high quality services to our clients tailored to their individual needs. The legal needs of homeowners and condominium associations require the attention of an experienced lawyer in the field, and we have worked extensively with various real estate management firms. To ensure that your real estate transaction protects your interests and rights as a business or individual, get in touch with our Gainesville attorneys at Warner, Sechrest & Butts, P.A.

Information of Florida Real Estate Law

The attorneys at Warner, Sechrest & Butts P.A. provide answers to common concerns about real estate law in the state of Florida.

Is it necessary for the Seller and Buyer to sign a contract drafted by real estate agents?

In any sell or purchase of real estate property, a well-crafted contract is necessary. Before signing an agreement, be sure to meet with a Gainesville real estate attorney first and have the document reviewed. You want to be sure that the contract reflects multiple-party interests and accounts for all legal concerns.

In a real estate transaction, are all parties required to pay their own Realtor?

Yes. In most real estate transactions, the parties have their own Realtors. As such, they are responsible for individual payments.

In cases in which the parties are represented by real estate agents and have the option of using a title company, is a real estate attorney for a closing really necessary?

Yes. A real estate lawyer in Gainesville, FL is always necessary, even if there are real estate agents and title companies. Most title insurance policies are designed to protect lenders and property owners from claims and disputes. Further, although real estate agents may represent buyers and sellers, their main goal is to close a transaction. In order to ensure that necessary legalities are set in place and to protect yourself, a lawyer is beneficial.

When should a Buyer apply for a mortgage when looking for a house?

If you are considering purchasing a home, you should apply for a mortgage as soon as possible. In fact, you should aim to be pre-approved before you even begin to look at property. This enables you to know the amount of resources that you are working with and the amount of loans that you may need.

Is a Seller required to make all the repairs listed under the Buyer’s Inspection Report?

No. The Seller is responsible for correcting the major damages, such as mold and infestations. State laws and most real estate contracts identify the levels of defects within a home that requires immediate repair. Before closing the transaction, the Buyer has the right to review the inspection report.

How can a Buyer discover if the Seller really has title to the property being sold?

Copies of title insurance are usually accessible via public records.

If the parties are unable to close by the closing date specified within the contract, what are the effects?

Most contracts contain provisions that govern how such issue should be addressed. It is possible for the buying/selling rights to be voided.

If some of the parties are out of town on the closing date, is a closing still possible?

Yes. As a Seller, you can have your signed and notarized paperwork pre-prepared. As a Buyer, you will have to work with the other parties to determine if a Power of Attorney is acceptable.